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Bracelet Guide
A bracelet is something she will always remember you by every time she sees it on her wrist. A beautiful adornment, a bracelet pleases the eye as well as feels wonderful on the wrist of the wearer. Next time, it’s a gift for her; let it be a splendid bracelet.

Available in a variety of lengths, you will have to determine the right length of a bracelet for the wearer before you decide to gift one. Usually worn when she isn't using her hands much for work, bracelets need to be enduring jewellery items.

Types of bracelets
  • Chain
    This classic bracelet is found in a variety of chain designs, like the traditional round-link rolo or wheat chain, in a variety of metals like sterling silver, 18k gold, and platinum.
  • Pearl Bracelet
    A conventional jewelry adornment, a pearl bracelet enhances her appearance and adds volumes to her grace and glamour quotient.
  • Bangle Bracelet
    A bangle bracelet can be worn by itself for a basic look or combined with other bangles to add style to any attire.
  • Charm Bracelet
    You can add Keepsake charms to popular link bracelets and customize something exceptionally elegant and exclusive just for her.
Various types of Bracelet Clasps:

For formal occasions such as her first day at work, a promotion or graduation, consider a pearl bracelet. It is ideally suited for such occasions and will add immense class to her attire.

Chain bracelets are often personalized with charms or engrave able tags. You can give her this just because to celebrate some special moments together.

Birthdays, anniversaries and festive occasions, bangles or several bangles work best as they can be teamed up with a dress, a pair of jeans or whatever she likes.

The chain bracelet makes the perfect personalized gift for any occasion. With a charm bracelet you can continue to give her charms for special occasions to create a keepsake of memories. Or consider a bracelet with an engraveable tag for a personalized gift.