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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have tried to give quick answer to few of the frequent queries, doubts, misnomers or tips.

Q. Why are Black Diamonds so cheap?
A. There are two reasons:
a. Very few people know about black diamonds thus less demand and price.
b. These stones were not in use as gemstones, are recently gaining more popularity.

Q.  Why should I buy a Black Diamond Engagement ring, instead of white?
A. Black diamonds are extremely stylish, distinctive and highly in vogue, even with Celebes; Most of all they are far cheaper than white diamonds. For example for $ 800 you can get a 2.00cts Black diamond Ring or be contented with only 40cts to .50cts white diamond ring.

Q. Are Black Diamonds also a good investment?
A. Yes. In fact our site statistics show that the prices of the black diamonds have risen threefold in the last three years.

Q. What a treated black diamonds?
A. These are real diamonds that have been treated to enhance the color. Most commercially available black diamonds are treated.

Q. How are black diamonds treated?
They are generally treated through irradiation or High Temperature High Pressure (HTHP) processes.

Q. Can I have my diamond’s color enhanced?
A. We do not know if the labs allow the color enhance of personal diamonds.

Q. We have heard irradiation is very harmful?
A.  Irradiation is not harmful. NRC discloses that the affect of black diamonds is much less than the mobile phones that we carry in our pockets.

Q. Are Black Diamonds also graded and certified?
A. Yes, Black diamonds are graded; the grading is done as AAA, AA, A, B, C and D. read more…

Q. What are the color grades of Black Diamonds?
A. The color is usually referred to as fancy black, but can range from thick black to pale black to grayish dull black with white spots.

Q. What does a black diamond look like?
A. Black diamonds are lustrous greenish-black opaque diamonds. The color is not exactly black but deep grey or green; you cannot see through a black diamond.

Q. Can we get the ultrasonic cleaning done of our black diamond jewelry?
A. No. Never ultrasonic or steam clean your black diamond jewelry; it may permanently spoil its color.

Q. How does a black diamond differ from a white diamond?
A. Black diamonds are opaque, do not reflect light, porous and denser in constitution. The faceting does not affect the brilliance but the homogeny of the shape.  

Q. What is a Rose Cut?
A. Rose cut can be called the cullet-up cut style. The diamond has a faceted bloated table and a flat base instead of the pointed cullet.

Q. What shapes are black diamonds available in?
A. Black diamonds can be cut in almost all shapes- round, princess, marquise, pear, emerald, etc. with a new stylish variation of rose cut.

Q. Are Black and White diamonds of the same size?
A. Not exactly. Black diamonds are heavier because of their dense constitution; however they may have more weight below the girdle making face/ table smaller. If viewed from top, blacks appear smaller.

Q. What are the faceting numbers of black diamonds?
A. There is no standard number of facets to get the perfect black diamond cut, since they are not transparent. Faceting just influences the stones shape.