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Gemstone Therapy
Gemstones have been attributed therapeutic and metaphysical powers by the ancient Vedic and Egyptian mystics. Men and women wore them to attract luck, improve intellect, protect from evil, balance the mind and relax the body.
The metaphysical powers exercised are different for each gemstone.

Gemstone Therapeutic Properties
Amethyst Amethyst brings emotional stability, peace, invigoration, love and creativity. Effective antidote to get rid of his addiction.
Citrine Citrine enhances self esteem, checks depression and indigestion. In the ancient times the merchants kept it in their cash boxes to increase income.
Garnet Garnet protects the wearer from all evils; increase self belief, balance intellect and sentiments.
Sapphire Sapphire calms the mind to induce serenity, joy, and peace; broaden the outlook towards beauty and love.
Ruby Ruby cures all blood related problems, stimulate energy, wards off evil and increase economic stability.
Peridot Peridot is excellent to eradicate nervous tension, relax the mind and cure insomnia.
Emerald Emerald restores balance, heals wounds, brings mental stability, peace and love.
Agate Agate boosts self confidence, increases courage and energy. It is immensely benefits overall health to promote long life.
Tourmaline Tourmaline fetches abundance, good luck, peace and re-establishes self esteem.
Topaz Topaz encourages individuality, self-assurance, and creativity. Removes negative emotions, cure physical pain and promotes peace.
Opal Opal awakens spiritual understanding, improve sight and stimulate loyalty.
Amber Amber is an excellent catalyst for body, mind and soul. It amplifies vitality and keeps negativity at bay.
Aquamarine Aquamarine works wonders on the mental faculty, improves sight and purifies emotions.
Moonstone Moonstone enhances intuition, draws love and helps better understanding in interpersonal relationships.
Quartz Quartz are an incredible healing stones that reduces depression, increase spiritual insight, encourage forgiveness and peace, is a great love charm.
Pearl Pearl soothes and strengthens the brain, calms emotions to improve vitality, peace and providence.
Alexandrite Alexandrite attracts love, happiness, and fortune. The stone of rejuvenation helps the person attain excellence in life.