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Diamond fashion is the expression of the magnificence, intricacies of shapes, symmetry and dimensions. Diamond encompassing these finer aspects allows you to appreciate its beauty in different facets. We all like diamonds for its brilliance; but it is the awe-inspiring shapes of diamonds that magnify this rare captivating treasure.
Indians are believed to be first to incorporate this stone in their jewelry. They preferred diamond shapes that complimented the overall look of the diamond by leveling the diamond faces. Later the improved classical round shape introduced by Parker in 1951. This new design exhibited the diamond with a wide table facet. Another traditional shape square that is the glorified regal shape princess cut was discovered in 1963. The diamond shape received new dimensions in 1966, with the introduction of the Scandinavian standards Tillander. Today the diamonds are available in a galaxy of shapes, most of them the advanced variations of the classical shapes.
Types of Diamond shapes
The designers are now evolving new diamond shapes to fit their creative designs. Tapered Baguette and Bullet is a couple of latest
versions of the original baguette. Which shape you choose depends on your personal preference however, lets understand the geometry and usage of some of the popular shapes.


The round cut is the most popular shape; nearly 75% of the diamonds sold are of this shape. This classical shape is known to maximize the brilliance of the diamond. The 58-facet cut, divided on the crown, girdle and pavilion, is obtained through an accurate formula. Round is also known as brilliant cut, American Ideal Cut or American Standard Cut. Brilliant cut diamond jewelry is extensively obtainable in a multitude of settings, due to the cuts perfect symmetry. Four prong and bezel are the preferred settings for this shape, but round also fits well in the tension setting.
Brilliant cut diamond solitaires are more popular as centre stones in engagement rings, earring studs and pendants. Baguette cut or smaller round diamonds are mostly selected to highlight the round centre stone. The simplicity and sheer brilliance of the cut has captivated men and women for years.

Famous Celebrities who picked the Round shaped Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Angie Harmon, Round Brilliant Cut with baguette side stones
  • Pamela Anderson, 4 carat solitaire with yellow gold band
Princess cut is modern cut that displays clean square lines. Adding a brilliant sparkle the shape is specially customized to display best of both worlds- the dimensions of the square/ rectangular shape and the brilliance of the round. The cutting process of this diamond involves the step-cutting of the emerald cut and the triangular facets of the round cut with the right-angle corners. Princess cut looks glorious as solitaire but its glory can be accentuated with the smaller side stones adorning the jewelry. Mostly preferred as day-to-day office wear jewelry, because of its sleek angular shape. Bezel or V-shaped prong can securely hold princess diamond, also sets ideally in the channel.
Famous Celebrities donning the Princess cut Diamond.
  • Kim Clijster and Trisha Yearwood both received Princess cut Diamond engagement rings.
The revered Asscher brothers in Holland developed Asscher diamond shape in 1902. Square Emerald Cut or Asscher has in fact been popular, but it was when the Sex and the City actor Kate Hudson flaunted it in her engagement ring that the shape became really famous.  Many celebrities have donned the Asscher cut since then. The symmetrical appeal of this diamond cut is the exclusivity that is defined by the pavilion with all the facets step-down gracefully towards the cutlet accumulating into a singular point on the bottom. It is preferable to cut the stone in a square outline rather than the rectangular. Ideally sets in four prongs, the stone appears elegant in solitaire settings.

Famous Celebrities donning the Asscher shape Diamond
  • Julia Roberts at an Academy Awards presentation wore earrings of 10 carats of Royal Asscher Cut Diamonds.
  • Reese Witherspoon got a 4.5 Carat Asscher Cut Engagement Ring
  • Kate Hudson possesses a 5 Carat Asscher Cut in Art Deco Ring
  • Kate Beckinsale's Asscher Engagement Ring was a elegant
The marquise looks very regal with its elongated shape and pointed ends. Marquise cut carries an interesting story with it, is believed to be inspired by the fetching smile of Marquise de Pompadour, a fashionable mistress of the French king Louis XV. The ratio of this cut is 2:10 i.e. length of the diamond is 2 times the width of the diamond. The advantage of wearing this diamond is that it compliments the shape of the finger. This shape looks amazing in solitaire settings or with round side stones. The marquise cut diamond should be set with six prongs to hold of the stone firmly. Secure the stone with two V-shaped prongs to protect the points at either end, which are the most vulnerable part of the diamond.

Famous Celebrities who preferred the Marquise shape Diamond
  • Traci Bingham's wore a beautiful Marquise Ring
  • Catherine Zeta Jones received a stunning Engagement Ring from Michel Douglas
The emerald cut diamond is one of the classic British royal diamond shapes. Originally evolved to cut softer emerald gemstones, later the jewelers identified the dramatic effect it lends to a diamond. The step cutting and the parallel line facets allows for the clean lines. Length-to-width ratio of it is 1.50.100. That means that length of the stone should be about 1½ times the width of the diamond. The diamonds that are executed using this cut should to be of high clarity, as this shape can easily exposes the inclusion present in the diamond. The diamonds having larger inclusions are susceptible to becoming prominently visible to the unaided eyes. Emerald cut diamond looks glamorous in simple setting or in baguette side-stone setting.

Famous Celebrities donning the Emerald Cut Diamond.
  • Emerald shape Diamond was seen on Paris Hilton
  • Melanie Trump's Emerald Cut Engagement Ring was magnificent.
  • Camilla Bowles has a emerald cut Diamond ring

Radiant cut is a mélange of the classic emerald diamond and the sparkle of the round brilliant cut. It is quite like a princess cut but with rectangular outline and blocked corners that are more like that of an emerald cut. The cutting for radiant shape involves the step cutting of the emerald cut with triangular faceting of the round brilliant cut. One can see the facets rounding on the table, of a radiant cut diamond. The jewelry piece with its radiant cut diamond looks good if teamed with trillions, princess or baguettes side stones. Especially rings look exuberant if sported as a single solitaire.

Famous Celebrities wearing the Emerald shape Diamond.
  • Jennifer Lopez's well-known Bennifer ring has a pink radiant cut diamond.
It is stands out of the rest for its exclusivity and unique appeal. It gets its name because of its resemblance to the bloated pillow or cushion like shape. Exhibiting a squarer outline and the rounder edges, the cushion cut exploits the beauty of both the dimensions. Singularly set as solitaire in the jwellery it highlights its splendor especially in rings and earring studs. In a side-stone setting cushion can be paired with smaller round stones for a classic look. Popular shape for Men’s ring, but the size of the stone should be comparatively bigger. Cushion cut diamond should be employed in the setting having four secure prongs.

Famous Celebrities donning the Cushion shape Diamond.
  • Britney Spears bought for herself 4 carat cushion-cut diamond ring with a platinum pave setting.
  • Brooke Shields antique Cushion Diamond Ring set in the platinum.
  • Ashley Judd had 3.00 carat Cushion cut Ring
  • Kim Stewart, Nicolette Sheridan, Pink's Engagement Ring, Debra Messing and Sophia Bush are a few famous names who have fallen for the beauty of the Cushion cut diamonds.
The Pear shape reveals an imperial look with its tapering point at one end and the rounded at the other. Pear shape is often referred to as a Tear Drop or Drop shape. A particularly feminine cut, it looks graceful encrusted in the dangle earrings or a pendant. The outlines might wary according to the individual’ choice; by maintaining the symmetry and ratio one can have wider or a thinner stone. A proper ratio however ensures that light is reflected uniformly. Pear shaped diamond goes will with smaller pear- shaped or round side stones but looks luxurious in solitaire setting. Especially recommended for women with thin well-shaped fingers, the longer stone adds to the beauty of their tapering hand. Pear also makes the stone look bigger. Ideally sets in five prongs or three prongs with on V-shaped.

Famous Celebrities donning the Pear shape Diamond.
  • Anna Kournikova
  • Gong Li's Copard
  • Jill Hennessy
The Oval cut brings a spectacular drama of the fiery brilliant cut in a seemingly bigger look. The oval cut stone should preferably be mounted in a six-prong setting. This fancy cut makes the stone appear larger, and looks good on smaller hands giving an illusion of longer fingers. It goes well with any size of gemstone in the jewelry ensemble. The wearer can choose the stone in different proportions; have a bigger stone with shorter outline or the thinner stone with longer outline. However, a perfectly symmetrical outline, with even shoulders ensures maximum refraction of light.

Oval cut Diamonds seen on:
  • Girl Gwen Stefani
  • Katie Holmes
  • Pepper Rebecca Romijn
  • Victoria Beckham
Heart is the universal emblem of love and romance. The cleft in the rounded double curves of this diamond shape signify the lobes of the heart. Tapered at the tip like pear shape, it requires dexterity to ensure the perfect brilliance. A perfectly symmetrical heart displays well-defined rounded lobes and a proportionately tapering tail, neither too long nor fat. Heart needs a special setting with five prongs with two at the centre, two at the lobes, and a V-shaped prong to lock the tip. Four and three prongs, with a V holding the tip also ensures a secure setting. Popular shape in promise rings, women love to wear hearts in pendants and earrings.

Famous Celebrities sporting the Heart Diamond.
  • Joan Collins
Trillion cut is a very enigmatic cut that was introduced in the 1970s as a variant of the radiant cut combining step-cutting and brilliant faceting. Sharp angles or rounded, it has 25 facets on the crown, 19 facets on the pavilion, and a polished girdle. This cut is not frequently featured on jewelry as a central solitaire, rather is often paired as side stones. It does look alluring when set as a center stone with smaller trillions or pear shaped stones. This cut needs V-shaped prongs to protect the diamond corners.

Famous Celebrities wearing the Trillion Diamond:
  • Whitney Houston sported a 4 carat oval-shaped center stone with side stones having trillion shape gifted from Bobby Brown

Baguette is a slender rectangular cut like an emerald cut, but is sharper at the corners. Baguette derives its name because of its resemblance to a bread loaf in French. The proportions can be played with; however the optimum length to width ratio should 1.5:1.00, (1.5-2.5 length is also acceptable). The Baguette accentuates a diamond's luster, whiteness, and clarity though downplaying its fire. This cut was a rage during the Art Deco period. Baguette diamonds are usually used as side stones to accompany different shaped diamonds, unusual in large sizes.

How to choose a diamond shape
Just like your clothes, diamonds can complement your jewelry and looks. A right shape diamond can further spice up your appearance. That is why selecting a right shape for a diamond is an extremely important criterion. The diamond shape is reflection of your personality, as emerald defines royalty, radiant the glamour or marquise the style. Choosing the shape is a matter of an individual’s discretion an articulation of ones fancy. Round shape is the classic favorite and traditional women might relate to its special appeal. A round and princess shape diamond becomes a popular choice in engagement rings and formal- office wears. Marquise and pear shape complement the small-handed women while heart shape appeals the romantic people.  The setting used for the diamond mounting also plays an important role- the way the particular diamond shape looks. Men prefer basic angular shapes, like princess, cushion and emerald, where as women prefer more fancy shapes like, pear and heart. You may choose a diamond shape of your choice but make sure that it is perfectly symmetrical, as uneven shoulders result in poor brilliance. In cuts like emerald cut, the diamond clarity is very crucial, since the visible inclusions can mar the beauty of the stone. Finally, always make sure that the Diamond has been mounted securely in the setting, it should not be loose.
Buyer's Tips
  • Platinum best compliments the oval and Asscher diamonds.
  • If you want to have a longer looking diamond then opt for such as marquise, oval and pear shape diamond.
  • Go for radiant cut stone for the brilliance of the round shape and the elegance of the emerald cut.
  • To maximize the brilliance of a traditional round diamond, select one of the two highest cut grades diamonds with ideal or very good clarity and color grades.
  • Yellow gold will give a sunny fire to the diamond, and platinum or white gold makes the diamond appear whiter.
  • Brilliant shape looks its best when set in a manner that will shows little of metal.
  • If you prefer more of a rectangular shape, look for length-to-width ratios, greater than 1.10 in princess cut.
  • For the classic emerald-cut shape, look for a length-to-width ratio between 1.30 and 1.40.
  • Princess cut looks amazing on long fingers.
  • If you want your fingers to look slender and petite, opt for marquise cut.