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Diamond Symmetry

Diamonds are simply forever; epitomes of romance love and care. Everybody desires to flaunt this perfect glittering stone. While purchasing the dream stone it is vital to inspect the four Cs along with the symmetry of the diamond cut. The term symmetry means the alignment of the diamond cut, the precision and arrangement of facets. Symmetry takes into account the diamond cut proportions – smooth well formed table, perfectly aligned facets, rounded girdle, centered culets etc. A diamond with excellent symmetry would dazzle superb brilliance because of the well aligned cut. Diamond with bad symmetry misdirects the light out of the diamond spoiling the brilliance. Since a diamond sparkles with the interplay and refraction of light, therefore symmetry plays a crucial role to ensure proper brilliance.
Thus it is very important to consider this aspect of diamond if one is planning to purchase a diamond that has a very high clarity grade.

Diamond Symmetry v/s Quality and Cost

Symmetry is a significant factor of diamond finish. The diamonds are valued for their sensational sparkle determined and enhanced with the cut. It is imperative that proper precision be maintained while cutting the diamond. It requires a professional to detect the defects in the diamond symmetry since it is not possible to detect symmetry with the naked eyes. The difference in two stones, one with perfect symmetry and the other not so proportionately cut is evident in the brilliance emitted by them. Since symmetry directly affects the diamond’s cut and brilliance thus automatically affects its value too. As a general rule is the better the symmetry, the more valuable is the stone.

Symmetry Grading

Symmetry is analyzed using a 10X loupe magnification, by trained professionals. Renowned gemological laboratories like the GIA and AGS follow stringent standards to judge the diamond symmetry. Every diamond graded by the GIA comes with a symmetry grade report.  Diamonds are graded Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, Very Poor or Extremely Poor depending on the cut quality. Diamonds with Excellent or Very Good symmetry are rare and difficult to come across. The diamond with ‘Good’ symmetry grade is brilliant, readily available and more popular with diamond lovers. Grades below Fair display poor brilliance, not impressive in jewelry.

These are the abbreviations used by the GIA and other prominent diamond grading organization to describe symmetry.

AGS Grades

GIA Grades






Flawless finishing, very rare.




The diamond finish smooth and flawless



Very Good  

Polish lines extremely difficult to trace under 10X loupe

AGS-3 -AGS-4



Very hard to locate the polishing line under 10X loupe

AGS-5- AGS-7



Polish line may be visible under 10 X loupe

AGS-8- AGS-10



Easily visible under 10X may rarely be visible to unaided eye



Very Poor

Polishing lines  may relatively easy to see with the unaided eye



Extremely Poor

Lines quite obvious to the unaided eye

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Buyers Tips

  1. Always buy your diamonds from a reputed jeweler.
  2. Purchasing online is always cheaper than getting your jewelry from your local store.
  3. Symmetry grade of Good diamonds are brilliant and are easily available.
  4. Don’t contemplate buying Diamonds with fair to extremely poor symmetry.
  5. Symmetry adds value and artistic beauty to the diamond.