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Ring Guide (Engagement and Anniversary Rings)
Buying an engagement ring is either something you have to do on your own, with a little help of friends or perhaps along with her if the proposal is not a surprise. The important aspect to be noted is that the ring you choose should be something she likes as this one is for keeps.

Let us summarize the criteria of buying a good engagement ring:
Step one:
Is it going to be Gold or Platinum?
If you're uncertain what ring metal to choose, consider the differences between 18k gold and platinum.

For more information; Platinum and Gold comparison table will be added soon.

Step two:
Choose a Setting

Engagement Ring Settings
At My Solitaire, a range of engagement ring settings are available. Let us give you details on the three main types of settings for engagement rings.

Solitaire Settings   Sidestones Settings   Three-Stone Settings
One of the most common and popular style of engagement ring setting, the solitaire setting is the most traditional of engagement rings.

In this setting, the prong positions a center diamond to catch the most light.
  A setting with diamonds or gemstones adds shine and color to the ring.

Channel settings also protect sidestones from scrapes and scratches by keeping them flush.

A bar-channel setting allows the passage of light in sidestones, and giving it a sparkling luminosity.
  A three-stone ring has one diamond for the past, one for the present, and one for the future. For a unique and less conventional engagement ring, choose a gemstone like emerald or ruby over a diamond in a three stone ring.
Gemstone Engagement Ring Guide

Buying a gemstone engagement ring? Make sure this one is as radiant as her smile and as beautiful as she is. If you are not doing the regular solitaire and want to opt for a precious gemstone instead, choose from elegant emerald, stunning sapphire or the ravishing ruby. Pay close attention to her likes and dislikes and try to remember if she has mentioned any of the above. Having her birth stone or zodiac stone embedded in the engagement ring is also a great way to choose an engagement ring for her.

Ruby Guide
Gifting a ruby engagement ring to your fiancée is indeed a unique idea and something out of the ordinary. She is bound to appreciate this unconventional piece of jewelry and the thought behind it. When you are choosing a ruby ring, make sure you pick an intensely colored gem in a deep, vibrant shade of red. Rubies are found almost everywhere in the world, however, the ones available in Burma are considered to be the most stunning of them all.

Buyer’s tip:
Has your girlfriend/fiancée been mentioning to you about a traditional ring? In that case, you may want to give Ruby a miss and opt for a conventional engagement ring.

While choosing a band to go with the Ruby, try white or yellow gold, perhaps Platinum to contrast with the intense red shade of the Ruby.

Sapphire Guide
She has always been unconventional with her choices so you know that a regular engagement ring won’t do. A Sapphire engagement ring sounds just right for your special someone. When you are out to buy a Sapphire engagement ring, observe the cut carefully and choose from round, square or oval. Then comes the color, darker the shade, the more expensive the stone. However, if you want to make it delicate and feminine, opt for a pretty pink Sapphire.

How to choose a ring she'll love without her knowing?
How do you know if she'll like the ring if she doesn't pick it out? If you consider her tastes and lifestyle, you'll be sure to make the right choice.
  1. Take a good look at the color of jewelry your partner wears. What color is the metal?
  2. Ask her friends or mother if she has mentioned a preference for a particular type or style of ring.
  3. Is she very active or not used to wearing jewelry? If so, consider a cathedral or contour setting, which will protect a diamond from rough treatment.
Engagements are rarely an out-of-the-blue surprise, so it is common to discuss engagement ring choices with your partner. The only way to ensure you find a ring that will match her taste and style is to shop for a ring together. Whether you're shopping together or not, start by finding her ring size.

Your engagement ring or loose diamond will arrive in a lacquered wooden box, and a diamond ordered loose will be set in a temporary tension setting, ready for you to present to her on bended knee.
Choosing The Perfect Wedding Ring
The Wedding Ring is final surprise everyone is waiting to see especially the bride. Getting the right ring size a first challenge faced by the groom. The best way to get the perfect size is by taking the virtual ring that she wears to the jeweler. Friends and family can discretely help to get the size.
Paper or string samples are accepted by most jewelers. Wrap a paper slip or string, without letting her know, around her finger. The circumference to fit her finger is her size.

The chart below too can be an excellent way to get the ring size.
Gemstone Ring Guide
Gemstones offer a splendid spectrum of color and grandeur. The sparkling gems have adorned many royal jewels and queens, captivating most style gods. Every gem is believed to possess certain occult powers that can favorably affect the wearer. Gemstone Engagement and Wedding rings make extraordinary choice to create a unique style. Great anniversary gifts; a birthstone gem ring can work miracles.