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Ring Guide
Buying an engagement ring is either something you have to do on your own, with a little help of friends or perhaps along with her if the proposal is not a surprise. The important aspect to be noted is that the ring you choose should be something she likes as this one is for keeps.
Earring Guide
One of the most basic and preferred accessories, every woman loves to have and own a great pair of earrings. What’s more? The same pair can be easily combined with several outfits making it a useful and a practical gift.
Necklace Guide
Essentially defined as any type of chain/length of precious gems, a necklace is a fashionable ornament that enhances the beauty of the wearer.
Bracelet Guide
A bracelet is something she will always remember you by every time she sees it on her wrist. A beautiful adornment, a bracelet pleases the eye as well as feels wonderful on the wrist of the wearer. Next time, it’s a gift for her; let it be a splendid bracelet.
How diamond shape affects the ring settings
The beauty of the diamond magnifies or collapse depending on the way it is set. The setting can do wonders to the ring; make the stone look bigger, enhance the brilliance, hide the flaws and elaborate the shape. Different shapes demand different settings, not all shapes can be set in every setting. Learn more about how the shapes affect setting and choose the right setting for your ring.
Things you should know about jewelry
The setting affects the look, cost and wearability of the ring. Select the setting of your choice. Here’s a brief description of the popular settings.

Pavé is ideal way to reduce cost yet maintaining the size. The setting is created with lots of small diamonds set closely together to create an illusion of a big diamond. A great alternative, for expensive solitaires.
Prongs The prongs are the metal frames designed to sturdily hold the diamond. The number of prongs depends upon the shape of the diamond. Just check that the prong completely embraces the stone to ensure safety.
Bezel a rim or a collar encircles the diamond cover the entire circumference or a portion of it. An ideal setting for people with hectic lifestyle as the diamond is absolutely cosseted in the ring.
Channel setting technique places the diamonds in a continuous row in a metal frame. A perfectly streamlined and secure setting, it is the first preference for wedding bands.

Hence you can now select the setting and the shape of the diamond based on this information.