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Wedding Gift Ideas
Marriage epitomizes everlasting love, commitment and a divine union of two individuals. This heavenly blessing is celebrated through an auspicious sacrament called Wedding. It's the most important and memorable day of ones life and ought to be picture perfect. Wedding gifts are a significant aspect of the Wedding Ceremony to express love and gratitude. The bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls are the ones who are either related to you or an intimate friend, Jewelry is an ideal Wedding Gift to show how precious they.
Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Anniversaries are meant to recreate the romance and rekindle those sparks between you and your spouse. Although, every milestone may not be as big, the year must be acknowledged by giving each other something special that denotes your love.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas
A day to reconnect with your love, to remind them of your feelings and to celebrate and rejoice in the spirit of love and adoration; this is what Valentine's Day is all about.
Mother's Day Gift Ideas
In 1905, Anna Jarvis's daughter, also named Anna, started a campaign to memorialize the life work of her mother. According to Anna's mother there were many days for men, but none for mothers. Five years later, the House of Representatives adopted a resolution calling for officials of the federal government to wear white carnations on Mother's Day. In 1914 Anna's wish was granted as Woodrow Wilson signed a bill recognizing Mother's Day as a national holiday.

Christmas Day Gift Ideas
Christmas echoes jubilation, celebration, parting and loads of gifts. In fact the first thing that comes to our mind at Christmas is 'GIFTS'. Gifts are the essence of Christmas, as children we desperately waited for Santa and now as grown ups for a special surprise. Choosing the right gift can be bit confusing and hectic, especially the last moment selections. MySolitaire offers a varied assortment of exclusive gifts that can be delivered right at your door step.
New Born Gift Ideas
So your friend has just had her first baby! You are happy and thrilled but also equally puzzled about what should you take for the new born? Let us give you some handy tips.

For babies of an acquaintance or distant relatives, you can give something generic as a gift like silver or gold coins. However, if it is a close relative or a good friend; the gift must be personalized and something exceptional. Try taking ideas from the child's day of birth or the birth month.

Children's Gift Ideas
Looking for jewelry for little angels? Choose from the exquisite and sparkling jewelry collection at My Solitaire. With a great assortment of delightful designs for little girls and a charming collection of jewellery for young boys, you can select children's jewellery for any occasion.
Father's day Gift Ideas
It can be a difficult task to choose a present for someone you love and admire the most. But, we are here to simplify the job.

Show your father and grandfather what they mean to you as you express your love to them with a new adornment each year. Rings, chains, cufflinks, bracelets are some of the items to choose from.

Birthday Gift Ideas
Giving a birthday gift? Make sure it is personal, beautiful and something that lasts a lifetime. Let us guide you through giving birthday jewellery gifts for all age groups.

Infant jewellery is perhaps the easiest buy as there is so much variety to choose from. Tiny trinkets, zodiac charms, little bangles are some of your options for infants.
Graduation Gift Ideas
A milestone in everyone's life demands a celebration and especially a graduation day signifies the rite of passage and truly deserves to be rewarded with something special.

Give a gift on a graduation day that is appreciated, cherished and remember for years to come. To recognize this accomplishment in someone's life and to congratulate them on this day, here are some gift ideas to consider.

Sweet 16 Gift Ideas
Sweet 16 is a tender age for girls when they are making a transition from young adult hood to adolescence. Make this delicate age of innocence and purity memorable for her as you give her something sparkling and feminine just as she is.
Just Because Gift Ideas
Can't remember the last time you saw that magical smile? Or saw your loved one jump with joy? Maybe it's time create a moment to make it happen.

Love knows no reason, no answers, and no boundaries. A surprise gift every now and then for your beloved adds an element of thrill and excitement to a relationship. Why should you do it? Just because . . .